Market studies

The market study in Tunisia is a phase that occurs once you have found your project idea. This important step verifies the feasibility of the project: it measures, segments, confirms (or refutes) the market need relating to your business idea. Our recommendation would be whether or not your project suits the needs of consumers, and failing that, it is better to revisit your idea in order to better serve consumers and best meet the needs of the market.

The market study includes, among other things, the following information:

  1. The market (size, geographical dimension, evolution in value and volume, situation in relation to the life cycle, customer base, direct and indirect competition, profitability, suppliers, etc.)
  2. Demand (customer characteristics: number, geographical area, consumption habits, income, age, needs and expectations, the evolution of their consumption, etc.)
  3. The offer (similar products, direct and indirect competition, competitive advantages, financial indicators of competitors, etc.)
  4. The project environment (political, economic, social, technological, ecological and legal factors)
  5. Estimation of forecast turnover

Sources of information?

Observation, survey and interviews are effective methods for gathering information information. Many studies exist. Some are accessible free of charge. You can find reliable information through various information sites, for example:

  • Tunis Stock Exchange,
  • Financial Markets ,
  • API, APII…,
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry,
  • Sites of professional federations…

You have the option of having your market research carried out by our specialized firm. Consulting firm, market research company, online research firm: the choices are multiple.

Opting for our firm would save time for you: you can focus on something else and you can trust its data.