Incentives for Foreign Investors

The foreign investor can invest in the majority of sectors (except those regulated by a text or law) and may benefit from a stake of up to 100% of the company's capital (Commercial company: max 49%).

A non-resident industrial or service company must be owned by non-residents to the extent of at least 66%.

The foreign investor can freely repatriate profits and the proceeds from the sale of invested capital in foreign currency, provided they properly complete and obtain the investment certificate at the time of establishing their business.

Foreign nationals can be employed up to 30% of the total workforce for 3 years, with a maximum of 4 foreign executives.

International Trade Companies

International trade companies can be owned by foreigners and are intended to carry out import and export operations of goods. They can also engage in international trade and international brokerage operations (minimum capital is 150,000 dinars, approximately 45,000 Euros). They benefit from total exemption from VAT and taxation of profits at a reduced rate of 15%.

Agricultural Sector

Foreign investment in the agricultural sector is permitted through the leasing of agricultural land for cultivation purposes (foreigners are not allowed to own agricultural land directly or through companies). Foreign participation in these farming companies, as well as aquaculture and fishing companies in Tunisian northern waters, can reach up to 66%.

The cultivation of agricultural land by foreigners can be subject to a long-term lease.

Local Sales

Engaging in local sales (shops, dealerships, restaurants, real estate agents, etc.) by foreigners has a limitation on foreign ownership, which must not exceed 49% of the share capital. The manager must be of Tunisian nationality or a foreigner holding a residence permit.