Fiscal Benefits

These benefits and incentives are outlined as follows:

Newly Established Companies:

Newly established companies that undergo investment declarations benefit from a partial exemption of Individual Income Tax (IR) or Corporate Income Tax (IS) for 4 years, progressively decreasing from the effective date of commencement of activities.

This measure does not apply to companies operating in financial, energy (excluding renewable energy), real estate development, on-site consumption, trade, and telecommunications sectors.

Fully Exporting Companies:

These companies enjoy the following benefits:

  • Suspension of VAT on export sales;
  • TCL tax at a rate of 0.1% on gross export turnover;
  • Profits from exports are subject to a 15% tax;
  • Suspension of VAT on their acquisitions of goods and services in the local market and suspension of VAT for their imports of raw materials and equipment (with order books and a VAT suspension purchase certificate validated by the Tax Control Office);
  • Taxation at a rate of 20% on the salaries of foreigners (withholding tax) (if they do not exceed 6 months in Tunisia) and may be exempted from social security contributions if these employees prove that they have other foreign social security coverage. Employees can also bring their personal effects, including a car, with tax suspension.